If your flight was cancelled or landed with more than 3 hours delay you can get up to 600 Euros compensation - European Regulation EU 261/04 . L8Flight handles all the legwork for you.
About Us
Our Mission

Traveling by air often means delays and other disruptions. L8Flight has a stated mission to help passengers who have suffered such inconveniences to obtain their rightful indemnities and reimbursements

For many, the process is a difficult task: It supposes knowing the regulations and laws applicable, airlines are big companies that are not always playing fair and each have their own ways to discourage passengers to recoup money they prefer keep.

L8Flight has extensive knowledge of the processes, recourses and legal actions, thanks to its team of lawyers and operators. L8flight has also access or owns many databases that allow to know precisely the status of a specific flight, weather conditions in order to contest illegitimates statements that airlines routinely answer to escape their duties.

Our L8flight service, a department of Swiss based SIROC SA aims at providing a service that will be hassle-free to its customers, more efficient than individual claims and faster.

L8Flight engages with EU authorities on topics related to Air passengers’ rights in order to help consumer protection.

L8Flight helps Air Passengers to obtain compensation or reimbursement for disrupted flights